Monday, April 15, 2013

Restore IE9 after installing IE10

Recently i installed ie10 after i format my PC. Then i found out that it is not working as expected. So i decided to roll back to IE9. It was a PIA to uninstall IE10 and reinstall IE9, untill i found the solution. Hope this will be of help to atleast some of you. Because, even after removing IE10 i could not install IE9. I was getting alert "IE9 is already installed in this system".
 IE10 can not be uninstalled from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features as this is not installed as an application. IE is installed using automatic updates of Windows. Here are the steps to uninstall IE10 and reinstall IE9

1) Click on Start button and type "View installed Updates". Click on search "View installed Updates" from the search results. OR click on "Installed Updates" in a left side of Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features . You will see a window like below

Here i have already uninstalled IE10 so i get Windows Internet Explorer 9. But if IE10 is present you will see "Windows Internet Explorer 10". Click on it. a button "uninstall" will appear next to "Organize" on top.
2) Click on Uninstall

Your Internet explorer is uninstalled completly.
3) You can also remove IE10 from "Turn Windows feature on/off" from control panel. But you have to follow step 1 and 2 anyway.

Now that IE10 is uninstalled, You can now install IE9 from its setup file. Unless you follow above steps, you wont be able to install IE9. Since IE10 is still in your system.

Restart your PC when asked.

Hope this will help some of you.